Effective vocational guidance for gifted and talented

With this project 6 varying organisations from six countries (IT,TR,PL, LT, GRE, DE) we aimed to to share best practice and conduct to raise awareness and make more consciousness of GATS about vocational guidance.It is known all partners the importance of helping people explore their personalities, values, and desired lifestyles as well as their interests & abilities to help them explore career options, plan for their future and realize their potential. We thought ,profession affects individuals’ whole life.A profession could make individuals happy or unhappy.
All partners experience problems with GATS who need vocational educational guidance and surveys to choose righ professioan and to make true decision. This project aims to increase the attractiveness of vocational gıidance and training by promoting a series of interventions that partner countries have found successful, or are experimenting with, to encourage the GATS.
During the project we will try to transfer best practises in partner countries for example whic surveys are used to to understand psychological characteristics of gifted and talented pupils, determine which job will be sıitable for them(which jobs requires which individual characteristics) and match psychological characteristics with job requirements.Using their high level skils, they contribute not only themselves but also for the others the economy and the social life of the whole society.


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