LIREA Project – Training of professionals and educational programme for the social inclusion of victims o trafficking

Cyclisis in the framework of LIREA project will implement two online activities concerning the social inclusion of migrants/refugees victims of human trafficking:

  • a 50h training for professionals, volunteers, students, etc on issues regarding trafficking of people
  • a complete educational programme, free of charge, with the objective to help victims of trafficking achieve social inclusion and integrate within the Greek society, of total duration of 5 months.

Training of professionals

The training is addressed to professionals, volunteers and others that are working actively or are interested to contribute to actions related to the social inclusion of migrants/refugees/asylum seekers, and especially concerning people that have been victims of human trafficking.

Participation is free of charge. The training will take place in an asynchronous manner for the most part, through the use of a moodle platform. There will be always ability to communicate and ask for support from the Cyclisis team throughout the training.

The training is available in Greek an is comprised of material that has been collected, analysed and composed in their final training form entirely by the team of Cyclisis.

The duration of the training is equal to 50h face-to-face sessions, but each participant can complete it at their own pace based on their wants and abilities. By successfully completing the training, you will receive a training certificate with all relevant information.

The trainings will start on February 2021. To participate, use our contact form or send us an email directly at and subject line “Συμμετοχή στην επιμόρφωση επαγγελματιών LIREA”

Education programme for the social (re)inclusion of victims of trafficking

To implement the educational programme, we are looking for organisations that are involved with the social inclusion and support of migrants/refugees/asylum seekers, are working in Greece and are interested in the educationa programme for their beneficiaries.

The programme comprises of:

  • Greek language lessons
  • Computer lessons
  • Life and job counselling
  • Routes to psycho-socio empowerment (with the cooperation of psychologists)
  • Experimental laboratories based on art (with the cooperation of artists)

The coursed will be implemented mainly online (we will try to support you as much as possible to achieve their effective implementation based on your needs) and with total respect to the privacy and personal information of the participants. The objective of the courses is to empower the participants. The assessment of the affectiveness of the activities will be made by the psychologists and the counsellors, with no reference to personal information, just by recording the education experience of the participants/learners.

If you are an organisation working with migrants/refugees/asylum seekers or a migrant/refugee yourselves and have experienced trafficking, on way or another, and are interested in activities related to inclusion and integration to Greek society through education, you can contact us either through the contact form or directly through our email with subject line “Εκπαίδευτικό πρόγραμμα ένταξης LIREA” in order to discuss ways of collaboration and participation.

We will be very happy to collaborate with all of you interested in these activities and we are at your disposal for any clarifications any time!

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