Person-centered planning for autistic people

The majority of the people in the autism spectrum is dependent on their closest family members and/or carers. Family members’ greatest concern is what will happen to their relative with autism if any harm comes to them. If that is, indeed, the case, it is true that the individuals with ASC will be lost without them. But, how can you make someone more independent when even the smallest transition, like going from one activity to another, can be the cause of much distress?

In the U.K., Person-Centered planning is thriving. It is an approach that places the individual with autism at the center of the planning process of their future by taking into consideration their desires, as well as their needs. Its aim is to increase a person’s sense of independence by placing the control back in their hands –but not, of course, without the invaluable assistance from their circle of support.

Our partnership created some tools to aid the facilitators (educators, professionals in the field, support circle) in this endeavor. The Self-assessment tool (accompanied by the Risk-assessment tool) which works like the person’s identification card, the “About me” tool that aims to unveil the person’s character like the process of completing a puzzle, and the Life-planning tools, that were designed as a means for the individual in the autism spectrum to organize their everyday lives, are part of this process. The suggested areas for life-planning are the following:

  • Housing – where to live and who to live with
  • Finance – budgeting and planning
  • Leisure – how to positively spend leisure/unstructured time
  • Health – eating healthy, exercise and healthy living skills
  • Employment – job seeking and process
  • Education – Further/Higher education, lifelong learning
  • Relationships – social skills and expectations
  • Transport – how to get about, real and affordable
  • Keeping safe – recognize and respond to risk

For more information on the project results, visit the project’s website and the HUB, and for contacting us, use either the project’s contact form or contact us directly via email at

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