Upskilling the digital skills of young people

Nowadays, young people must be adequately trained to face and manage social, cultural and economic changes and the new challenges of the digital age. Just because they are more familiar with the new digital technologies, as they come in contact with them from a very young age,  that does not mean that they can use them correctly.

Digital skills are an essential prerequisite for a job placement. Young people should become familiar with them and understand that owing a smartphone and knowing how to browse the internet or use the social media is not enough. New models of working have emerged, like smart working (a new model of work that uses the new technologies and the development of existing technologies to improve both the performance and the satisfaction that is obtained from the job), so their digital skills are in need of upskilling.

Cyclisis is part of the “DOing Inclusion Together – DO.I.T” Erasmus+ project. One of the things that this partnership can do to assist the young people in their fight for integration is to provide them with tools (digital and non-digital) that can empower them, help them grow, acquire and activate cross-disciplinary skills, critical thinking, collaboration skills and everything else that can be considered a life skill and is deemed vital for the youth’s survival in today’s society.  

For more information on the project and how you can participate or use our tool, you can send us a message via our contact form or directly via email at

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