Workshop on digital professions and capacity building

Cyclisis in the framework of the “European Digital Professions Roadmap – EDPR” project, is scheduling a workshop on digital professions and capacity bulding.

The workshop will take place online in February 26, and is addressed to young adults, students, associations, educational institutions (formal, informal and non-formal) and anyone else interested. There will be a presentation of all the results of the project which will also be available to use for free by everyone.

The EDPR project has created a knowledge base with core information about the innovative training concept of IT education, through original and interactive training methods. All information will be modified into the learning materials of the project for use primarily by young adults but also anyone else interested in them.

The project partners are currently finalising the following materials:

  • European Digital Professions Benchmarking: This report identifies the best practices for digital education in the national environments of our partner countries and compares them making the base of key digital skills and other skills necessary for digital innovative education.
  • Syllabus/Framework of Digital Professions: This publication is developed with the aim to provide an instructional design of the syllabus regarding EQVET in VET, ECTS in HE and Adult Education Life Long Learning training programs, leading to a common framework of heterogeneous training programs transferable to higher education of the various european educational institutions.
  • European Open Classroom: We transfer the idea of an open classroom to the online space and we developed a new methodology on how to realize those open classes through the webinars and online sessions for huge number of young people.
  • EDPR Exchange Program: Through this exchange program we developed and designed a methodology for young professionals which should help the target group to emphasise their professional skills and help them to obtain practical experience.
  • EDPR Mentorship Program: This program’s methodology focuses business leaders, e-leadership, current and future entrepreneurs and current and future digital business professionals.
  • Open Tech Trends: This is an online observatory which intents to highlight evidence in the area of innovation in education, and digital professions.

You can find more information on all of the above at the project website, or through the project’s social media by clicking any of the icons below:

For any information on how to participate in the workshop, feel free to contact us either by using the contact form or by email at For participating in the workshop use as subject line “Participation to EDPR workshop”.

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