“You(th) Stand Up!” Project

We are glad to announce the approval of the project “You(th) Stand Up!”.

The project focuses on the creation of innovative methods for training and evaluation of non-formal skills. In the framework of the project, the partnership will create 2 outputs: an Educational training model “You(th) Stand UP!” and “You(th) Stand UP!” Assessment, which – in line with European priorities – will aim to improve the quality of youth workers’ work and to increase active social inclusion for young people.

It aims to increase Key Competences, Life Skills, Soft Skills, Digital and Language, Development of self-business ideas of Youth Workers in order to bring more young people to a greater level of social participation as an opportunity box (network, relationships, work). There will be 15 Youth Workers (5 per country) between 25-35 years (direct recipients), and 30 young people belonging to disadvantaged groups aged 18-30 (10 per country) (indirect recipients).

The people that will complete the training on the educational training course will receive a YouthPass and anyone that will participate in mobilities will be given a Europass Mobility.

Facebook page of the project: https://www.facebook.com/youthstandupEU/


Project information

Title: You(th) Stand Up!

Project Reference number: 2017-2-IT03-KA205-011264

Duration: 01-12-2017 until 30-11-2019


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